General Rules

General Rules & Regulations

•Official Rules are subject to change and amendment. An updated list of rules will be posted and maintained in the Director’s Area of the Dancers Inc. website and will be considered final.

•Rules listed under this “General” heading are applicable to each and every Dancers Inc. sponsored event.

•Entries are accepted on a first come/first serve basis, and are limited to performance time available.

•Entries must be received in our office 15 days prior to event. Entries received less than 15 days prior to the event will be considered as Late Entries, and may be subject to a service fee. To qualify for rebates, all entries must be postmarked 30 days prior and include all completed forms and payment in full.

•Late registrations will only be accepted by management decision only if time and space allow. Late registrations will be subject to a service fee.

•Incomplete, illegible or otherwise invalid registration forms will not be processed.

•Completed entries must include all registration forms and full payments.

•For entries received without a clear postmark, management will choose a date to be used as the basis for postmark date for rebates and for “first come/first serve” acceptance.

•Form of payment must be a single studio check, money order, or certified check. Individual checks will not be accepted. Studios must be approved prior to the event to pay by credit card.

•Fees are nonrefundable and non-cancelable.

•All changes to original submitted entries must be in writing: no verbal requests will be honored. Changes to original entries must be received 7 days prior to the event or they will not be implemented.

•Faxed entries will not be accepted without prior approval.

•Release signatures are required for each participant in any Dancers Inc. event. Students missing a valid signature will not participate and a refund will not be issued.

•No refunds will be made for entries. Credits for future competitions will be issued only for medically excused dancers or at the discretion of Dancers Inc. Management.

*TO RECEIVE A REBATE, COMPLETED REGISTRATION PACKET MUST BE POSTMARKED 30 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT AND MUST INCLUDE ALL COMPLETED FORMS AND FULL PAYMENT. 10% rebate for Competition only entries. 5% rebate for Convention only entries. Rebate for combined Competition and Convention entries is 15% of your total fees after Credits, Certificates and Scholarships have been deducted. REBATES WILL NOT BE HONORED FOR INCOMPLETE REGISTRATION PACKETS AND FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR PACKET. Completed entries must include the Official Entry Form, Rebate Form, Participant List(s), Competition Entry Form(s) or Convention Entry Form(s) and payment in full.

•Rebates must be deducted from the total owed at time of payment. We will not issue rebate checks.

•Gift certificates included as part of payment must be original certificates and do not qualify for rebates.

•Video and photographer are prohibited at all Dancers Inc. events. Dancers Inc. will provide photo and video services by a third-party vendor. Video and photo orders are subject to the vendors’ specifications. If no photo or video service is available, one video badge per studio will be issued and a designated representative may video only the routines from your studio. Photo badges will NOT be available.

•Any person displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, rude or unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the premises at once. No refunds will be issued, and dancers are subject to disqualification. This includes dancers, dance studio staff, and dance families/friends, and applies to all Dancers Inc. sponsored events.

•Cash prizes are awarded to the Dance Studio director (when available). We reserve the right to substitute gift certificates for cash awards on an as needed basis.

•Competition entries including a participant who is listed as a teacher in a convention will be placed in the “Teacher” category and are not eligible for top awards or cash prizes, unless more than 5 Teacher dances are registered in the competition.