About Us

At the cutting edge of the competition/convention industry, Dancers Inc. brings only the finest teachers, judges, and choreographers from around the country to cities near you. Our mission is to provide the most personal and professional of services while creating a safe and constructive learning environment for your dance students. We pride ourselves in offering on-time, efficient competitions and full day dance conventions focusing on education and learning for a truly meaningful dance experience.

Executive Director Dan Barris and a talented team of professionals joined forces almost a decade ago with the purpose of motivating dancers. With over 50 years of professional performing experience nationally, regionally and locally, they have taken their passion for dance to the competition and convention format. Their combined talents, along with a host of today’s most talented dance professionals have come together to create Dancers Inc., Competitions and Conventions for a New Generation. Having merged both formats, Dancers, Inc. weekends are filled with excitement, learning and fun.

Our competitions are leveled: dancers compete in the Future Star, Rising Star, and All Star divisions, based on training and experience at the time of competition, to create an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment for all dancers. Our conventions are full day dance workshops focusing on technique, training, and real-world experience. We’ve created a teachers round-table discussion, and offer a format for a constructive and positive Dancers Inc. weekend! Your dancers will return to class motivated, excited, and filled with the spirit of dance.

All of us at Dancers Inc. welcome you, and invite you to join forces with us for a most unique and exciting dance encounter!

Thank you for joining us!